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Web Crawler API

Japanese Crawler project is a research and development project was done by me in my company.It was a really challenge to me.My host is a Japanese patent site and want to crawling data from it.Normally web host protocols are base on www but amazing this one is www7 and www8.When i saw it first time, I'm confusing.However It was not impotent to my works.
First I was did some research about crawlers and bots before start the project design.First time I thought this is a common type web Crawler project and then i was download some sample crawler source code from sorceforge.After I was been running sample crawler source code giving my host( There was a no out put only show one page called can't believe that because it is working with other site like etc.After I was understood, this is not a common type of web crawler project..
Then I want to work hard.First I was installed Firebug Mozilla Firefox plugging for my browser.Firebug was very helpful to me to success my project.Next I started my code review.Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm there are lot of Java script playing big role.In my host(,have thousand of out put pages but rally it has only one page.All other pages are generating dynamically in runtime.Big problem because normally web crawler want to static link to crawling data but my host site haven't any static links all are dynamically generating.
Then I want to find links which generating in runtime.These all links are generating by Java script using special algorithms.These algorithm want to lot of parameters to give output link.I was choose Web Browser virtual methods to my project.Give page inputs and make http request manually and bind cookies to can got idea from picture1.Some times you may feel it is very easy task but it is not easy because crawler web site developer put lot of security.


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