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Web Server Load Balancing Survey Paper

The popularity of the WWW has made web traffic the fastest growing component of Internet traffic. Cashing and replication is becoming a most popular method to reduce Network traffic. While caching could efficiently reduce the network traffic, only replication could be helpful for reducing web server’s response latency and increasing document availability for most popular web sites, the replication of information across independent or coordinated Mirrored servers is becoming a common choice, and among various solutions, a distributed web server system is the most promising one. The distributed web server system becomes a most famous because user doesn’t need to do anything manually. The concept of load balancing is very simple one:” Spreading the work across the several machines”. Implementation of this idea is quit complex.An intuitive approach for load balancing among web servers is the IP-dispatcher approach. The main idea of this approach is to use a front-end dispatcher to…

Liferay Portal

Liferay Portal is the world's leading open source enterprise portal solution using the latest in Java and Web 2.0 technologies.

* Built in Content Management System (CMS) & Collaboration Suite
* Out-of-the-box usablility—choose from over 60 portlets
* Out-of-the-box development tools
* Out-of-the-box localization to 22 languages!
* Runs on all major application servers, databases and operating systems
* Benchmarked among the most secure portal platforms
* Business-friendly MIT License

Created for the enterprise, Liferay Portal provides a virtual space where you can centralize, share and collaborate.

Built with the end user in mind, Liferay Portal's award winning user interface is easy enough to master by even the least technical of users.

Liferay Portal also remains one of the most popular portal technologies within the developer community with an ever-growing list of features that help your IT team deploy business solutions with minimal time and effort.