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Enable SecureVault Support for - WSO2 ESB - MB 3.0

We cannot use cipertool to automate encryption process for the selected elements in the file, because we can only specify Xpath notation here, but still we can use the manual process.

Sample [ESB_home]/repository/conf/ file
# register some connection factories # connectionfactory.[jndiname] = [ConnectionURL] connectionfactory.QueueConnectionFactory = amqp://admin:admin@clientID/carbon?brokerlist ='tcp://localhost:5672' # register some queues in JNDI using the form # queue.[jndiName] = [physicalName] queue.MyQueue = example.MyQueue # register some topics in JNDI using the form # topic.[jndiName] = [physicalName] topic.MyTopic = example.MyTopic 1. Enable secure valut in the ESB
sh -Dconfigure

2.Go to the [ESB_home]/bin and execute the following command to generate the encrypted value for the clear text  password.
sh ciphertool.sh3.It will prompt following  console for input value.  Answer: wso2carbon
[Please Enter Primary KeyStore Password…