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Cuubez RESTful web service framework tutorial

Cuubez|Rest 1.0 betaTable of contents
RESTful web service overviewCuubez Rest framework overviewSample applicationExpose Java method(with return object) as a RESTful web serviceExpose Java method(with parameters) as a RESTful web service1 RESTful web service overview REST is an acronym for the Representational State Transfer architectural style for distributed hypermedia systems.This style was developed in parallel with HTTP/1.1 based on HTTP/1.0 design to work best on the web and it specifies uniform interface constraint. If that is applied to a web service, induces desirable properties, such as performance, scalability and modifiability which enables services to work best on the Web. In REST style, data and operations act as resources .These resources are accessed using uniform resource identifiers (URI). In order to work, REST assumes that resources are capable of being represented a pervasive standard grammar.

Basic REST principles
Application state and functionality are categoriz…