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How to change Grub menu background image

Grub is a Linux boot manager that is used to switch between two or more operating systems installed on your machines. By default, Grub's background is plain black with white text. In this article, we will change Grub's default background to any image of your choice.

1 Create the background image

Using your favorite image editing software, create a logo or an image that will look good even with very few colors. Save your image as a PNG with only 14 colors and resize it to 640x480 pixels.

2 Convert the PNG to XPM

If you use GimpShop or The GIMP, you can directly save your image as XPM. But for Photoshop users, you'll have to use ImageMagick's convert utility to convert your image to the format that GRUB uses (make sure the you have ImageMagick installed). To start converting, open your terminal and issue the following command:

$ convert splash.png -resize 640x480 -colors 14 splash.xpm

3 Compress the image file

Now that we have our image ready, we will need to compress it to mak…