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Madura Dictionary on Linux

I,m try to install ubuntu on the Linux.First i,m instal wine and next install Madura english sinhala Dictionary on the is very easy.these are the steps you want to follow.

First you want to install wine.
Doble click the madura setup icon

Select the installation path
Following setup instruction.

Then you want to install Madura font to linux.I'm try to this in Ubuntu 7.10.In this OS there is folder call "share" -->usr/share
There are font called "Madura.ttf".this font file move to the "share" folder.

This is the final view of Madura dictionary.
Download Madura

J2ee Architecture

J2ee is a java core architecture.It is a famous technology for the enterprise application.Consider about j2ee there are lot of technology.JspejbServletJmsThese are the main technologies in J2ee.These are introduced by Sun micro system.There are lot of design patterns in j2ee.I,m familiar with MVC design pattern.Lot of application developed using MVC architecture.M-model, V-view, C-control .

jsp is the main client side component in j2ee. There are two way to design jsp pages

ScripletsTag librariesScriplets
Scriplet mean we can write java code in HTML page using <% %>,<%= %> tags. Using this pattern we can design very easily.But not efficient. Because if we are using scriplet code in jsp page.This code execute on the client side that is the reason.
Tag libraries
Tag Libraries mean we can write jsp page using tags.There are standard tag libraries in j2ee and we can define our own tag libraries.It is efficient war to developing jsp pages

Link:-Java sever page